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Here are six mistakes you shouldn’t make in your media kit

1. Your media kit design looks budget.

A DIY media kit is fine as long as it looks professional. You won’t be able to land high-ticket brand deals with an amateur media kit. If design isn’t your strong suit, use a media kit template and customize the colors and fonts to represent your brand. Media kit templates help you look more established and build the trust brands need to partner with you. In our online store, you will find a range of media kit templates for a variety of industries.

2. Your media kit is too long.

Potential brand partners don’t need to know your entire life story. Make sure your media kit is short and to the point. One to two pages is the ideal length for a media kit.

3. There is key information missing from your media kit.

Before sending a media kit to a brand, make sure it includes all the necessary details, such as your email address, phone number, social media platforms, and handles.

4. Your media kit file is too large.

Inboxes generally have a limit on the size of emails they can receive. This includes attachment sizes as well. Whenever possible, save your document as a PDF and share it via a link. For my media kit, I use I upload the pdf file to and send the link to the brands that request it. This method prevents emails from being rejected and allows you to track how many brands open your media kit.

5. You are listing direct competitors in your media kit.

As some brands may be sensitive to the fact that you’ve partnered with a competing company, it’s wise to share clients in related industries but not those that directly compete with them.

6. You don’t include analytics in your media kit.

When pitching brands, you want to show them why they should work with you. Be sure to share relevant insights into you, your followers and your social accounts.

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