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Canva 101

Don’t worry if you have no design experience or have never used Canva. To help you get started with how to use Canva to edit your template, we have outlined the step-by-step process for using the most common tools. With our help, you will get to know the basics and become a pro in no time!

For demonstration purposes, I’ll be using one of our Influencer Media Kit Templates.

Adding images

  1. Before you can replace the images used in the template you will need to upload a copy of your images to Canva. Images can be uploaded by selecting Uploads from the left hand then clicking on Upload an image or video.
  2. Once the images have been uploaded you can simply drag and drop photos into place by moving the photo over the image frame until they drop into place.
  3. To edit the photo, open image editor menu by selecting the photo. Choose Crop or Flip to adjust the positioning of the image or Effects, Filter or Adjust to change the colour and image appearance.

Inputting text

  1. To replace the placeholder text in the template simply double click any of the text boxes to input new text.

Changing Fonts

  1. Click on any text box to change the font type, colour, text size and character spacing to match your brands style by using the text editing panel.
  2. If you can’t find your preferred font in the list, you can upload new fonts using the Upload a font button at the bottom of the font list.

Updating Colours

  1. Click on any box to change its colour by using the colour selector tool.
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Replacing the Page Background

  1. To change the colour of the page background, click onto the page background and use the colour picker tool select your preferred background colour.
  2. To use an image as the page background drag the selected image onto the page until it pops in place using the inserting images instructions above.
  3. If you would like to remove a background image, right click on the background image and choose detach image from background.

Adding music to the design

The Canva editor supports embedding music, but you are limited to adding one audio file per page that will play automatically in the background. Rather than uploading that audio file, we found it was best to link to the song on a music player. By linking to the song rather than embedding it, you are also able to attract more listeners, favourites, followers, and likes.

Embed music

  1. Go to the left side of the screen where the main toolbox is located and search for the audio or music that you want to add. You can either click on the Uploads button and upload the audio that you want to include or search in the Elements tab for ones in the Canva library.
  2. Click on the audio that you want to include in your project, and it will be added to your work at the bottom of the canvas.
  3. When you are ready to save it, navigate to the Share button at the top right side of your screen and click on it. You will be able to choose the file type, slides, and other options for saving your video. We suggest saving it as an MP4 file type.

Linking to music on a music player:

  1. Click to select the element you want to add a link to (for example a play button).
  2. Click the Link button or the chain icon on the toolbar above the editor.
  3. Enter the link to the track on your favourite music player.
  4. Click Apply.

Exporting the Design

  1. To export the template as a PDF that can be used electronically or as a printed document, select the download button (arrow pointing down in the menu).
  2. Make sure the file type selected is PDF Print and then select Download. A copy of the file will be exported and saved to the folder you have selected for web downloads (often this folder is called Downloads).

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