1 Page Media Kit Template


Get Noticed: Dynamic One-Page Media Kit Template for Aspiring Content Creators

Introducing the ultimate tool for digital influencers: a one-page media kit template designed to spotlight your online presence. With a sleek, modern design, this template highlights key statistics—average post views, Instagram reach, subscribers, and followers across platforms. It’s the perfect canvas to showcase your influence and attract potential collaborators, blending bold visuals and concise statistics to make your pitch unforgettable.


Your Influence, Our Template: A Perfect Match

Step into the spotlight with a media kit that mirrors your success online. Designed for influencers who demand elegance, our one-page template seamlessly highlights your achievements while capturing the essence of your brand. Tailored for modern aesthetics and loaded with visual elements, it ensures your stats are not just seen but remembered. Perfect for landing long lasting partnerships.

Our thoughtfully designed template highlights your key achievements:
  1. Header: Bold, eye-catching title area to insert your name and contact details.
  2. Biography: Introduce companies to the face behind behind the brand.
  3. Statistics Section: Dedicated spaces for average post views, Instagram reach, new subscribers, and total followers across social media platforms.
  4. Photo Placement: Strategically positioned slots for photos to create a visual connection.
  5. Color Scheme & Typography: A cohesive color palette and typography that enhance readability and visual appeal.
  6. Social Media Highlights: Customizable sections for spotlighting social media successes.
  7. Rates & Services: Highlight how brands can work with you through partnership opportunities.

The beauty of our template lies in its foundation on Canva’s intuitive platform. Whether you’re a design novice or a seasoned creator, Canva’s drag-and-drop functionality makes personalization effortless. From updating text and stats to swapping out images and colors, every element of your media kit can be tailored to reflect your unique brand identity. This ease of use ensures that your media kit remains as dynamic as your digital presence, always ready to be updated with your latest achievements.

Ready to turn your digital influence into tangible opportunities? Our one-page media kit template is the bridge between you and your next big collaboration. With its compelling design and easy customization, it’s time to take control of your narrative and present your achievements in the best light. Don’t let your stats speak for themselves; amplify them with a media kit that’s as professional and polished as you are. Start crafting your story today and watch as doors open to new possibilities.

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Who is the Media Kit Template for?


Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers looking to pitch to brands and collaborators.

Content Creators

Content Creators aiming to showcase their reach and engagement.

Public Speakers

Public Speakers wanting to share their audience reach.

Musicians & Artists

Musicians and Artists demonstrating their digital footprint.


Podcasters summarizing their listenership and social media following.


Photographers and Videographers with significant online portfolios.
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Access your template design in minutes.

Step One

Shop our Canva template store to find beautiful, brand-enhancing templates. Templates can be downloaded immediately after purchase.

Step Two

Open the template using the link found in the instruction guide. If you don’t already have a Canva account, sign up here (it’s completely free!).

Step Three

Edit everything as if you designed it yourself, including the layout, fonts, and images. It is also possible to duplicate pages to fit more content!

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Additional information

Document Sizes

1. Letter U.S. Size (8.5×11 Inch) 2. A4 Size (210x297mm)

What You Will Receive

1. File with the link to access the influencer media template & step by step instructions on how to edit the template. 2. Influencer Media kit template page with drag & drop elements for easy customization using Canva.


1. After making your purchase the files will be available for download. 2. Download the files and open the Instruction Guide. Read through the full guideline and follow the step-by-step instructions. 3. Before opening the template you may need to download and install the fonts mentioned in the Instruction Guide. 4. Open the template file and follow the instructions to customize the documents.

Please Note

1. You will need a free Canva account to customize your template. Canva is a drag & drop platform. You can upload your own photos, change the template colors, as well as fonts if you choose. 2. The sample photos used in the template preview image are NOT INCLUDED in the download. The images used are for illustration purposes only and can be replaced with an image of your choice. If you are interested in the sample photos, we have provided instructions on where to download the photos in the Instruction Guide. 3. You must have a basic of editing programs to edit the files. 4. This is a Digital file, NO physical items will be shipped to you. 5. By purchasing this product, you agree to NOT re-distribute, share or resell this product anywhere. 6. Due to the nature of instantly downloadable products, refunds will not be given after purchase.

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