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Our Nonprofit Brand Guidelines Template offers a structured approach to building a strong, consistent brand identity. Tailored for community-focused organizations, it provides detailed prompts for defining visual and communication elements, ensuring your brand remains coherent and memorable across all touchpoints. Convenient and free, this template is a game-changer for nonprofits seeking to enhance their brand’s impact.


Easily craft your organization’s visual and communication consistency with our comprehensive Nonprofit Brand Guidelines Template.

Establishing a unified brand voice and identity is pivotal for any organization. Our Nonprofit Brand Guidelines Template serves as an instrumental guide, ensuring consistency, fostering trust, and magnifying your organization’s mission and vision with precision. Designed with detailed prompts, our template streamlines the process of defining your brand’s colors, typography, imagery, and voice for impactful presentations.

For nonprofits and community groups, a consistent brand identity not only elevates recognition but also solidifies trust. To achieve this, our template encapsulates the essence of your organization seamlessly.

A strong brand identity can significantly influence your organization’s reputation and donor relationships. Our canva template serves as a comprehensive canvas where you can outline your brand’s vision, mission, colors, fonts, and more. Much like a blueprint in architecture, this template ensures that every touchpoint of your organization communicates a cohesive story. By using our template, you can effortlessly foster a brand that resonates, engages, and stays memorable among your target audience. Let our template be the tool that amplifies your brand’s impact, letting you focus on your core mission.

What pages are included in the brand guidelines?



Engaging visuals introducing brand's unique identity.


Initial insights into the brand's essence and values.

Our Mission

Defining purpose, goals, and organizational commitment.

Brand Overview

Holistic view of brand elements and their significance.

Branding Strategy

Roadmap of brand's growth, positioning, and communication.

Logo Variations

Different adaptations of logo for diverse applications.

Logo Anatomy

Detailed breakdown of logo's design and elements.

Proper Logo Use

Guidelines for logo's correct and consistent display.

Font Overview

Showcasing brand's primary and secondary font choices.

Heading Style

Specifications for headline typography and its usage.

Paragraph Style

Guidance on body text format and presentation.

Color Palette

Display of primary and secondary brand colors.

Stock Imagery

Criteria for image selection reflecting brand ethos.


Essential details for reaching brand representatives.

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Establishing a unified brand voice and identity is pivotal for any organization. Dive into the process with ease using our Brand Guidelines Template, tailored specifically for community-focused organizations.

Step One

Shop our Canva template store to find beautiful, brand-enhancing templates. Templates can be downloaded immediately after purchase.

Step Two

Open the template using the link found in the instruction guide. If you don’t already have a Canva account, sign up here (it’s completely free!).

Step Three

Edit everything as if you designed it yourself, including the layout, fonts, and images. It is also possible to duplicate pages to fit more content!

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