12 Page Fundraising Proposal Template

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Craft a compelling fundraising proposal with ease using our Canva template, designed specifically for non-profit organizations, charities, and community groups.

Tailored to highlight your cause’s worthiness, demonstrate fiscal responsibility, and express your unique mission, our template streamlines the fundraising proposal process, saving you precious time and energy. Our template comes in two versatile document sizes: US-letter and A4. It is fully customizable with Canva, making it easy to effortlessly alter sample texts, update photos, and modify color schemes to seamlessly align with your organization’s distinctive brand and identity. Let our template do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what truly matters—serving your community.


Maximize Your Fundraising Impact with the SAUNTON Fundraising Proposal Template

Writing a persuasive fundraising proposal that resonates with potential donors can be a daunting and time-consuming task. The decision to fund your project often hinges on the quality of your proposal, which is why preparing it is a critical step in the fundraising process. Keeping this in mind, we’ve meticulously researched, written, and designed a fundraising proposal template catered to your charity’s needs. This template will not only attract prospective donors but also secure the trust of supporters who genuinely believe in your cause.

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The template consists of 10 key sections:
  1. Cover: Eye catching cover design that quickly captures the readers attention.
  2. Contents page: Help the reader navigate easily through the document.
  3. Who we are: A summary of your origin story and key achievements.
  4. How we can help: Discuss the specific challenges facing the community you support.
  5. Project benefit: Give an insight into the programs you offer and why they are so beneficial.
  6. Our mission: What are your values and what do you stand for?
  7. Sponsorship: Explain what each pledge amount will enable you to achieve.
  8. Project budget: You can duplicate the table as many tables as you need to list all related expenses.
  9. Project timeline: Discusses the various milestones on the path to achieving your goals.
  10. Donation form: Donors can submit the pledge form to financially back your cause.

Our SAUNTON fundraising proposal template serves three primary purposes. Firstly, it persuades potential donors of the worthiness of your cause. Secondly, it demonstrates your organization’s fiscal responsibility, transparency, and capability to meet the proposed objectives. Lastly, it saves you precious time, energy, and resources, allowing you to focus on what you do best—serving underprivileged communities. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you; all you need to do is tailor the template to your specific needs and goals.

Designed with non-profit organizations, NGOs, community groups, charities, churches, and religious organizations in mind, the SAUNTON template is ideal for entities that aim to raise funds for schools and education programs serving disadvantaged groups across Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Australasia.

This fully editable template encourages you to inject your unique brand and identity into every aspect of the proposal. From color schemes to text, and even the choice of images, each element can be tailored to reflect your organization’s persona. We’ve included free-to-use Google Fonts and stock images to further enrich your proposal’s aesthetics.

To expedite the funding application process further, we’ve streamlined the writing aspect. All you need to do is replace our example text with your specific fundraising targets, or simply use our examples as a guide. With the SAUNTON fundraising proposal template, you’re just minutes away from a compelling, effective fundraising proposal that will undoubtedly attract and convince potential donors.

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Example writing prompts

Expansion of this school will be hugely beneficial in taking children off the streets and giving them a rare opportunity to become educated, find a good job, and provide for their families without putting themselves in danger. It will also create multiple jobs for teachers and adults in the community looking for a safe and stable place to work and improve their quality of life. The school will become the beating heart of the community, [insert a summary of what you will offer to the community, e.g. “housing a community hall available for school activities, groups for women and youth clubs, as well as providing a clean, dry space for regular medical check-ups – which otherwise would have taken place in dilapidated surroundings”].

Since it’s conception, the school has grown from [include a summary of your organizations growth e.g. “one teacher to seven, a single classroom to eight, and from only seven students to over 250”] – a huge achievement in the face of mounting financial pressure and having so far been run with a limited budget.

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Access your template design in minutes.

Step One

Shop our Canva template store to find beautiful, brand-enhancing templates. Templates can be downloaded immediately after purchase.

Step Two

Open the template using the link found in the instruction guide. If you don’t already have a Canva account, sign up here (it’s completely free!).

Step Three

Edit everything as if you designed it yourself, including the layout, fonts, and images. It is also possible to duplicate pages to fit more content!

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What’s included in the fundraising proposal template?



Eye catching cover design that quickly captures the readers attention.

Contents page

Help the reader navigate easily through the document.

Who we are

A summary of your origin story and key achievements.

How we can help

Discuss the specific challenges facing the community you support.

Project benefit

Give an insight into the programs you offer and why they are so beneficial.

Our mission

What are your values and what do you stand for?


Explain what each pledge amount will enable you to achieve.

Project budget

You can duplicate the table as many times as you need to list all related expenses.

Project timeline

Discusses the various milestones on the path to achieving your goals.

Donation form

Donors can submit the pledge form to financially back your cause.


Edit the template as if you had designed it yourself.

Google fonts

You can download the fonts used in this template for free using Google Fonts.

Free stock images

You can download the photos used in the design from Unsplash and Pexels for free.

Instruction guide

We will guide you through updating of the photos used and modifying sample texts and colors.
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Additional information

Document Sizes

1. Letter U.S. Size (8.5×11 Inch) 2. A4 Size (210x297mm)

What You Will Receive

1. File with the link to access the fundraising proposal template & step by step instructions on how to edit the template. 2. Fundraising proposal template page with drag & drop elements for easy customization using Canva.


1. After making your purchase the files will be available for download. 2. Download the files and open the Instruction Guide. Read through the full guideline and follow the step-by-step instructions. 3. Before opening the template you may need to download and install the fonts mentioned in the Instruction Guide. 4. Open the template file and follow the instructions to customize the documents.

Please Note

1. You will need a free Canva account to customize your template. Canva is a drag & drop platform. You can upload your own photos, change the template colors, as well as fonts if you choose. 2. The sample photos used in the template preview image are NOT INCLUDED in the download. The images used are for illustration purposes only and can be replaced with an image of your choice. If you are interested in the sample photos, we have provided instructions on where to download the photos in the Instruction Guide. 3. You must have a basic of editing programs to edit the files. 4. This is a Digital file, NO physical items will be shipped to you. 5. By purchasing this product, you agree to NOT re-distribute, share or resell this product anywhere. 6. Due to the nature of instantly downloadable products, refunds will not be given after purchase.

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